The greatest gift of all

Indescribable (Children’s talk on Christmas Day)

Dictionary meaning: too unusual, extreme, or indefinite to be adequately described.

Chris Tomlin performs a song with this title. It must have been inspired by Psalm 8 which says how difficult Jesus is to describe.

It goes something like this:

From the highest mountain to the deepest part of the sea, creation shouts out Jesus is infinitely amazing.

 He has infinite creative talent which is displayed in Autumn colours and the smell of spring fragrances. All for our enjoyment.

Just think about the unique song of every bird and the sound of every creature, which all shout out how indescribable, uncontainable/ super powerful He is and how much He loves us.

He placed every star in the sky and gave them all names.

He is the one that controls lightning bolts, thunder, hail, snow and rainfall. His artistic talent designed the snowflake. Each one completely different.

He made the sun which could burn up the whole earth if we got too close (so He keeps us at just the right distance from the sun – giving enough warmth) and for our comfort he turns parts of earth away from the sun at night, so that it is cooler and we have darkness to sleep peacefully. Talk about a super power!!!

He made each one of us and so He knows what we are feeling and thinking and even when we are thinking and feeling bad thoughts, He still loves us. That is how amazing and indescribable He is. Nothing can be compared to Him.

This is the same Almighty Jesus that came to earth on Christmas Day more than 2000 years ago, as a baby boy born to a young girl called Mary. He left His heavenly home and came down to earth to live with us because He saw how we were all messing up our lives and because He loves us. He wanted to show us how we should live our lives in order to be truly happy. How amazing is that? What an indescribable gift of love Jesus is to us.

The greatest gift of all
The greatest gift of all
The greatest gift of all
starry sky
The greatest gift of all
Indescribable Jesus deserves our love and praise and so today we celebrate His birthday. Let’s sing Happy Birthday to Him.