Faith @ Home

Parenting is one of the highest privileges we have in this life.  It is also one of the greatest challenges that we will face.  We believe that this high calling is best defined in Deuteronomy 6:4-9.   Too many parents have delegated this responsibility to the church (Children’s Church teachers, Confirmation classes, etc.) but we are convicted that it is a parent’s responsibility to pass of the faith to the next generation.

Faith @ Home is a ministry of ECCC (credit Mark Holman) that seeks to support, encourage and assist parents to be the primary ones who introduce their children to God and matters of faith.  Discipling our children is not only done through specific activities, but also in the everyday, normal, real-life events that we face each day.  It is by our example that our children learn the most!

Each year we have sessions for parents that are designed to energise and equip them to take up their responsibility before God.  Watch out for the next age-appropriate event four you!

For more information please contact faithathome(at)