A new year of new possibilities

Although it may be a bit late to welcome you into 2017 (in February!), each new year brings with it freshness, creativity and new energy.  There are two particular ‘new’ things that will bring this energy to ECCC.  One is a person and the other is an opportunity.

New person

One of the outcomes of the Dream Team was to review the staffing of the church.  Our church meeting agreed that we should look at two positions: youth/children’s worker and an administrator.  Two committees were set up to consider these needs.  After careful discussion and consideration of the church’s needs we decided we only needed to employ a Ministry Coordinator.

The main responsibilities would be in the areas:

  • Ministry co-ordination (40%)
  • Communication and Website (25%)
  • Administrative support (15%)
  • Fulfil staff functions as needed, based on requirements and spiritual gifts (20%)

We advertised the job and had a total of 8 applications.  We interviewed 5 of these candidates and required them to complete a skills test.  We discussed each of the candidate’s skills test results, interview, and reference contributions.   Although all the candidates had attributes that attracted us to them, in the end there was one candidate who seemed to suit the position best.

So at the beginning for this year we appoint Makhaya Manie for a contract period of a year.  And he has been doing a great job!

To give us a better picture of the man, here are a few words from him:

I was born and raised in Oudtshoorn, a small town in the Little Karroo. I was raised by my late grandparents because my late mother had to go and work to support the family. I attended and completed primary and high school in Oudtshoorn.  I then moved to Cape Town where I enrolled at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) to study towards a national diploma in Journalism which I completed in record time and graduated.

My grandparents were devoted Christians and committed members of the United Congregational Church in Oudtshoorn. My grandmother always took me along to church every day after school, where we would spend some time in the church to perform several tasks.  This upbringing in the church environment result me accepting Christ and dedicating my life to work for the church of God. With my parents and grandparents now all having passed away, I have never looked back and have continued to make a contribution in the church.

Since I arrived in Cape Town and with my adult life, I have been attached to the Langa Congregational church which is based in Guguletu.  I have been actively involved in leading the rebuilding of the church choir, arranging and selecting the music for all Sunday services. I have also been active in leadership roles in the Youth / Young Adults and Soldiers of Christ Ministries.

Presently, I have been leading various initiatives and programmes on behalf of the Peninsula Region Council (PRC) and the Region’s Mission Council – where I have represented the PRC at various Synodical and Denominational forums and conferences. I am presently the Convenor-Elect of the Mission Council in the region.

Please make Makhaya feel at home.  Invite him over for a meal or a cup of tea.  Introduce yourself.  Embrace him with our famous ECCC-warmth!

New opportunity

This year we are concentrating our efforts becoming a gospel-inviting church.  Last week I launched “ONE BY ONE: GOSPEL INVITATION”.

  • Gospel – Romans 1:16 “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes”
  • Invitation – John 1:41 The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Simon and tell him, “We have found the Christ”.

The idea is that each of us have friends, family and work colleagues that need the gospel in their lives.  One of the ways that we can facilitate (there are also other important ways) is by making an invitation to church.  Christians have generally lost the custom in invitation – we think it can only happen on special occasions like Back to Church, Easter or Christmas.  But it should be our regular practice and pattern to invite people into the community of faith where they can witness Christ-centred worship and hear gospel preaching.

The gospel work of a church grows most steadily and effectively ONE BY ONE: when (a) one person is bought along by one other, and (b) the growth expectations are realistic (not ten or a hundred at a time).  I challenge each of you to use the prayer bookmark to fill in the names of people for whom you can pray consistently through the year.  And then, invite them along and see what God does in their hearts.

My commitment to you (as minister) is that on any given Sunday the offer of the gospel will be clearly presented and there will be a time for people to respond (as the HS so moves them).

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