Christmas and closing services @ ECCC

By my calculation, this is my 137th “From the study” article for the Challenge Magazine in my time here as the minister.  I started with the long-time Challenge editor (and organist) Joan De Wet.  She was a no nonsense lady – you dare not go over your word count or submit your article late!  I very much appreciated her love for English and her service to ECCC.  After Joan’s passing, her daughters Karen Anderson and Melody Graham took over as co-editors (September 2008 – March 2013).  In fact they had been assisting their mom for some time, but it was wonderful to have them take over this role fully.  When Karen moved closer to her work in Durbanville, Linda Attwood volunteered to take over.  I am not sure she knew exactly what she was getting herself in for, (although this seems to be the way God works in our lives!) but she has kindly edited this Challenge up until today.  And she has been far more lenient on the ‘20th of the month’ submission date!

I have always thought of the Challenge as a wonder opportunity to encourage the congregation and communicate important information.  We are certainly blessed to have this ministry within our congregation.

In this closing article I want to thank the congregation and the leadership of ECCC for the privilege of serving here as the minister for the past 13 years.  I have grown as a minister, husband, father and servant of Christ.  I have been blessed to witness the growth and fruit of the gospel in the lives of our church.  The leadership and I are planning an official “Ending of the Pastoral Ministry” service on the Sunday 22nd December to which you are all warmly invited.

Secondly, the leadership of ECCC will keep you up to date with the process that the church is going to follow in the first few months of 2020.  We have a wonderful, committed and competent leadership team at ECCC.  Please pray for them and, pray for and participate in the process as it unfolds.  It is both daunting and exciting, but God is with us in all that we face.

Finally, may I draw your attention to our other Christmas calendar events:

  • Children’s Church play and prize giving and Susanne’s 100th birthday

On Sunday 1st December at 9:15 in our morning service the children of our church will be putting on their play.  We will also be celebrating the 100th birthday of Susanne Herringer.  What a milestone!  I think it am correct in saying that this is the first ECCC member to reach triple figures.  Her birthday is actually on the 17th December, but we will be celebrating it with her at the service on this Sunday.

  • Carol singing

On Thursday 12th December at 17:00 we leave from the Church to go sing carols in a couple of local old age homes and to some of our member who cannot get out.  What a great chance to give this Christmas!   The contact person for this is Linda Harrower

  • Farewell service for Grant Peers

On Sunday morning 22ndDecember ECCC, together with Rev. Wilfred Abraham will conduct an ‘Ending of the Pastoral Ministry’ for Grant.

  • Carols by candlelight 2019

On Sunday evening 22nd December we host the annual Carols by Candlelight and picnic in Franklin Road Park (Corner of Franklin and Queen Victoria Roads).  The picnic starts at 18:30 and the Carol singing starts at 19:30.  Please come and join us, and bring your friends and family, it is always a great evening out.

  • Christmas day service

On Wednesday 25th December we celebrate the advent of our Saviour and King.  Please remember that this service starts at 8:30 and not the normal 9:15

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